MVSC offers a comprehensive range of vital reporting tools essential to keeping the registration desk running smoothly. For customers, these tools are incorporated into the DMVdesk platform, providing access to reports such as Used Vehicle Fee Lookups, NMVTIS and KSR reports, Driver’s License Inquiries, and Theft & Lien reports. For companies that don’t require the full DMVdesk solution, MVSC accepts orders on a report-by-report basis. Certain inquiries require a commercial requester account.

MVSC currently offers two national reports: the NMVTIS report and its exclusive Theft and Lien report. In the near future, additional vehicle history reports will be rolling out on a national level.

Vehicle Title History Lookup

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles and to keep stolen vehicles from being resold. Providing data from key indicators associated with auto fraud and theft, NMVTIS is available to businesses as well as individual requests. Under federal law, all insurance companies, salvage and junkyards, salvage auctions, and towing companies are required to report to NMVTIS. This enables a comprehensive, up-to-date database from which a great deal of information can be retrieved on the status of any vehicle. From verifying that a vehicle’s title is valid to checking for odometer fraud, the NMVTIS report is absolutely essential for vehicle transactions.

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Why doesn’t my NMVTIS Title History Lookup Report have any information?

NMVTIS reports are vehicle history reports that are designed to be concise. Five key indicators make up an NMVTIS report: 1) Current state of title and last title date 2) Brand history 3) Odometer reading 4) Total loss history 5) Salvage history. The brevity of the report ensures that consumers can see all the vital information they need to make a safe vehicle purchase – at a glance. The emptier a report is, the more positive the result for the vehicle history.

How does a Title History Lookup (NMVTIS) help the consumer?

An NMVTIS provides data from five key indicators associated with prevention, auto fraud, and theft, which is why used car buyers are strongly advised to order one before purchasing a vehicle. They should also consider getting an independent vehicle inspection, as well as make use of other available vehicle information resources.

How does a Title History Lookup (NMVTIS) help a car dealer?

For car dealers, California law requires that used vehicles must be checked against the NMVTIS database before they can be offered for sale. A vehicle with a total loss or salvage history must display a cautionary red sticker in its window revealing the title history. The detailed report must be made available to the buyer before purchase.

NMVTIS Report Request
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*If no record is found, there will be no charge.

National Theft & Lien Report

The National Theft & Lien Report is exclusive to MVSC. The report provides information on a vehicle’s current state of title, title history, lien data from any major lenders, and other relevant information available on a nationwide theft desk. Designed by MVSC, the report is only available through MVSC and DMVdesk. National Theft & Lien Reports are primarily useful for used car dealers, junk dealers, and financial institutions to protect them from loss due to vehicle theft, fraud, illegal exports, re-titling, lien sales, and other hazards.

Vehicle Registration Inquiry

The Vehicle Registration Inquiry is an overview of a vehicle’s history. Referred to as a KSR in California, this report serves multiple purposes in the registration process. 1) It assists dealers in determining whether to take a vehicle in trade and, if so, what fees to collect. 2) For financial institutions, the KSR is invaluable for helping loan officers determine a vehicle’s true owners. In turn, banks can make informed decisions on financing. 3) Registration clerks find the Vehicle Registration Inquiry instrumental for determining registration renewal fees, as well as providing title status and registration information. Added features to the Vehicle Registration Inquiry include DMVdesk’s Warning Banner (for potential transfer issues) and a built-in KSR log that eliminates the need for separate paper logs. A commercial requester account and permissible purpose are required for a KSR.

Driver’s License Inquiry

A Driver’s License Inquiry provides information on a driver’s license, from its status to the complete driving record. This information helps financial institutions and auto dealers verify customer identity, determine customer eligibility, and screen potential employees. Insurance and rental car agencies find this report beneficial to determine customer eligibility based on driving history and license validation. A commercial requester account and permissible purpose are required for a Driver’s License Inquiry.

The Used Vehicle Fee Lookup

The Used Vehicle Fee Lookup provides the most accurate vehicle registration fee estimates in the industry. MVSC developed this Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator, which is an invaluable tool for estimating vehicle registration fees and Vehicle License Fees (VLF) paid for tax purposes. The estimated calculations vary based on what information was provided to retrieve the fees.