It can be an overwhelming task to manage liens and titles. As paper documents change hands, they are easily misplaced. Furthermore, communication isn’t always clear between state DMVs, car dealers, and car buyers during the life of a loan. In response, MVSC presents Electronic Lien and Title Solutions (ELT), for a secure, electronic record of ownership in place of a vehicle’s traditional paper title.

Numerous benefits accompany the use of MVSC’s ELT solutions. Conserve credit union resources with a process that speeds up processing time, creates efficiencies, and reduces the guesswork and hassle. Further benefits include:

Eliminate Fraud
ELT solutions reduce the risk of lost titles, reduce manual handling of documents, and improve the security of all data.

Reduce Costs
A few of the costs eliminated by using ELT solutions include postage, storage, and the staffing required to maintain the documents.

Save Time
Inaccurate information is quickly identified, receipt of information happens instantly, and there are never misplaced titles to locate.

Improve Visibility
ELT provides transparency to titles in progress, as well as better visibility for addressing member issues and tracking title desk efficiency.

MVSC offers Electronic Lien and Title Solutions (ELT) to address each state’s unique set of processes and requirements. Call today for assistance on getting started – 1-877-368-3375 (DMV-DESK) or email us at
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