Who is MVSC?
Based in Southern California, MVSC is a Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) and digital government SaaS technology firm focused on developing innovative process management solutions in partnership with government agencies and businesses across the United States. A public-private partner, MVSC is defining the new realm of V2Gov transactions, while continuously innovating to enable and broaden its applications. Consequently, since MVSC’s founding in 2005, our groundbreaking technology and superior service have changed the perception of what electronic registration and titling (ERT) should be, and elevated the industry to a new level of efficiency.

What Does MVSC Do?

MVSC is on a mission to change how businesses, dealerships, drivers and governments interact with vehicles, and that starts with streamlining and automating Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) transactions. From the time vehicles are assembled to when they’re salvaged or junked, vehicles have countless interactions with government. Through constant innovation and collaboration with government agencies and business partners, MVSC is inventing technology that’s enabling new V2Gov transactions for a truly seamless driver experience. Through revolutionary solutions like Vitu and DMVdesk, MVSC’s continuous pursuit of advancing digital government technologies is creating new possibilities for your vehicle.

How Does MVSC Do It?
The way MVSC conducts business is by establishing partnerships with government and industry. This gives the company the opportunity to listen, learn, and build on the expertise of insiders. The trust that develops and the mutual benefit that results nurture these partnerships into long-term relationships.

MVSC focuses on creating sustainable business transformations that have industry-wide impact; and it extends the same efforts across that partner’s community of stakeholders. Beyond that, a passion for innovative improvement is channeled into fine-tuning clients’ products until they reach the best-in-class quality that is so closely associated with MVSC.

Public Private Partnerships
At the vanguard of enabling and advancing Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) transactions, MVSC has partnered with state government agencies to enable next-generation public-private partnerships. State governments benefit from these partnerships by gaining access to best-in-breed technology that drives market efficiencies, thereby streamlining processes with their private sector partners and building relationships with some of the industry’s greatest thought leaders. For businesses, the partnerships provide state-of-the-art technology, time and cost savings, unparalleled service and access to a wealth of market knowledge.

For example, since 2005, MVSC has mastered process management solutions for California’s automotive sector with our award-winning flagship product, DMVdesk. By partnering with DMVdesk, the auto industry has improved digital transactions, streamlined workflow processes and facilitated the exchange of information among industry stakeholders. With the introduction of Vitu, our national V2Gov platform, and the unprecedented automation of electronic registration and titling (ERT) transactions, MVSC is strategically designing solutions that benefit the public, as well as the auto industry and the government agencies that regulate it.

Our partnerships enable us to cater to our clients, providing them with dynamic solutions and supporting them with first-class service.