MVSC was established in 2005 after the company’s founders identified an urgent need to modernize the vehicle registration and titling processes in California. Existing solutions fell short because they were neither truly comprehensive nor client-centric. Market research revealed widespread client dissatisfaction and frustration with service providers, primarily because of the lack of service accompanying these transactions.

With these factors in mind, the innovators at MVSC designed an unrivaled product that not only encompassed all registration, titling and compliance requirements, but one that also provided top-quality, personalized client service and support. MVSC’s leaders gathered a team of registration, titling, compliance and DMV experts to share their knowledge. After two years of intense development, the first version of our award-winning flagship product, DMVdesk, was released and tested. What began as a simple desire to meet the glaring, unmet needs of the dealership industry has transformed into the leading electronic registration and titling (ERT) provider in California, the nation’s largest auto market.

Today, MVSC is preparing to elevate registration and titling across the U.S. with the introduction of our game-changing national solution, Vitu, in Oregon, California, Virginia and Illinois. We have taken the valuable lessons we learned in California, adapted to regulations in multiple states, listened to business partners across the country, and recruited talented local dealer and DMV professionals to create an adaptive solution that executes numerous transaction types across multiple states on one intuitive platform. As Vitu advances Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) transactions and defines the digital government space, we are changing people’s relationships with their vehicles.